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About Mr. Caffeo

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I’m an acid reducer made up of 2 ingredients, Potassium Carbonate, and Water.



What is Caffeo

I am designed to help reduce acidity in coffee. It only contain 2 ingredients, which are, Potassium Carbonate, and Water. No added flavors, colors, or calories! 


What does pH have to do with Caffeo?  

pH is a chemical measurement of the acidity in a liquid product. A 7 pH (like most waters) is considered neutral. Acidic drinks like coffee, tea, or wine have a LOWER pH and more alkaline drinks have a higher pH. Most coffees have a pH of around 5.


Will Caffeo change the taste of my beverage?

No way! My ingredients have no taste, but altering the pH will improve the taste of the beverage. It’s a win win!


Is Potassium carbonate

commonly used?

Potassium Carbonate is used in many foods as an acid regulator, like bakery goods, soft drinks, cocoa, confectionery, and wine. 

Is Potassium Carbonate, the ingredient in Caffeo, safe?

Absolutely! The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has designated Potassium Carbonate, the major ingredient in Caffeo, as GRAS ("Generally Accepted As Safe").

What if I have questions/comments?

Check our CONTACT page. We're accessible.

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