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Caffeo Reduces Acid in Coffee

Caffeo allows you to enjoy a refreshing cup of joe without the side effects

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Caffeo Reduces Acid So You Can Enjoy Your Coffee Without Guilt

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(3) 15ml bottle
$13.99 + S&H

(1) 15ml bottle
$5.99 + S&H

  • Just add several drops of Caffeo. That's all you'll need to reduce the acidity in a cup of coffee. Each 15 ml bottle contains approximately 75, 4-drop servings. 

  • It will also reduce the acidity in wine, tea, orange juice, sauces, and other acidic beverages.

  • It's just potassium carbonate and water. No artificial colors or flavors.

  • Reducing the acid will enhance the enjoyment of your coffee and other acidic beverages.

"It is hard to believe that a few tiny drops of Caffeo can make a difference in a large cup of coffee, but I found that using it makes a difference. Simply said, it does work."

-Carol E.

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Just add several drops of Caffeo to your drink!

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